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Real Estate Mailing Lists

Universal Print & Mail  has access to real estate information compiled entirely from public (courthouse) records.  This allows you select from a universe of 40 million  homeowners.   With monthly updates, the file enjoys an unprecedented level of freshness and accuracy making it the finest real estate mailing list available today.

Homeowners, with their above average incomes, are excellent prospects for many mail marketing campaigns.  Mortgage brokers, reconstruction contractors,  tradesman contractors, e.g. plumbers, air conditioning and heat, paint, electrician, etc. are just some of the professions that need a very targeted real estate mailing list.

The purchase date of a home as well as the purchase price is available. That information is important for casualty insurance agents in renewing the annual homeowners  insurance contract. Home building inspectors have a great need of knowing purchase dates of new construction. Usually the builder only guarantees the construction for one year after closing.  Both insurance companies and home inspection services have a great need for an  up  to date real estate mailing list.

Some of the property characteristics available within the real estate mailing list are: year built, square footage, construction type, exterior wall, presence of swimming pools, air conditioning and many others.

Within the financial picture,  present home value, (from tax rolls), estimated available equity, estimated monthly mortgage payment, loan to value ratio, purchase price, loan type,  private party lender , seller carry backs, and absentee owners.  Information  whether the homeowner had or had not refinanced his mortgage within any time period is available. A real estate mailing list containing information such as this is very much in demand for mortgage brokers.

Demographics of the homeowner, such as age, income , education, ethnicity, length of residence, marital status. telephone can be selected along with any of the above financial or property characteristics...The result being an extremely targeted specific real estate mailing list.


The combinations available on our real estate mailing list  enabling you to specifically target your product or service are endless.  The ultimate cost of receiving a very targeted real estate mailing list  is literally pennies per name. There are so many combinations available.  Please call we would be happy to quote on a specific list for your needs.

Diskette $50.00 E-Mail $25.00