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Residential Mailing Lists

Residential mailing lists are usually referred to as “occupant mailing lists” There is no named individual at the address. These addresses are compiled by the U.S. Post Office and represent every deliverable address in the country.

It is possible to get only those addresses of apartment dwellers or those in private home
Business addresses are also available. Individual characteristics of the resident, such as age, income, presence of children,, are NOW available in residential mailing lists. Additionally, individual ethnicities, such as Asian, African American, Hispanic residents can now be selected. Life style selects such as “do it yourselves”, “health & fitness’, as well as male vs female contact name only, or only where available, adds to the specific target audience for your offer.

These lists can be selected within any geography, State, county, SCF, zip code, carrier route, or radius from a fixed point. There are many instances when a mailing is intended for all residents of a specific housing community or apartment complex. If there are no requirements for specific individual characteristics, such as age or income, then a residential mailing is very worthwhile. Merely identify the address of the community and we will find the mailperson’s carrier route number and get all the addresses on the route.

All residential mailing lists are produced in “walk sequence”. This enables the mailperson to minimize their effort in sorting mail for the route. The post office rewards this savings of time by reducing the postage costs for the mailer.

A salutation could and should be applied to each address on a residential mailing list. The salutation should refer to the product or service being offered. Some examples could be “to the pizza lovers at” or simply “Friendly Neighbor”.


Selections included at no charge are the following:
Geography, type, county code, salutation, income

Minimum order $150.00

Quantity of Addresses Cost per Address
100,000 + $0.01 each
50,000 -- 99,999 $0.0125 each
25,000 -- 49,999 $0.015 each
10,000 -- 24,999 $0.0175 each
1-----9,999 $175 total

Additional Selections

  • Peel & Stick labels: $0.008 each 
  • Dwelling Type, or Business: $0.005
  • Ethnicity Selects: $0.010 each
  • Life Style Interests: $0.020 each
  • Contact Name: $0. 015 each
  • Radius: $25.00 total

Diskette $50.00 E-Mail delivery $25.00

Shipping as per carrier